2019 Coffee Sale

It’s time for the 2019 AMIGOS Coffee Sale!

To help support this year’s Seattle Chapter Amigos Volunteers, the 2019 participants are selling fresh coffee from Middle Fork Roasters, a local Seattle roaster. The coffee is a special medium dark blend from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Colombia.  

Each bag of coffee is $15.

Orders are due Monday, May 27th. Please, local orders only.


There are two ways to pay for coffee orders:

  1. Check made out to AMIGOS de las Americas, Seattle Chapter. Checks can be mailed to P.O. Box 30219, Seattle WA 98113-0129 or given to the volunteer taking your order.“
  2. PayPal following the link below:
    Buy Now Button


Coffee orders will be delivered or picked-up on June 2nd.

Please contact Lilia Fannin at fundraising@amigos-seattle.org with any questions or concerns. 

Thank you for your support!